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テーマ The Politics of Religion and Spirituality

期日 9‐12 July, 2019

場所 Barcelona — Raval Neighborhood




Call for papers


We now open the call for papers, which will run until 16 December 2018.


The proposal (title and abstract up to 250 words) should be only in one language – English or French – in which you would like to present your paper.


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Label: TBD

Title (English): Well-being and Well-dying in medicalized longevity society: How do our religious culture consider the dignity of life and death?


Yoshihide Sakurai

Abstract (English):

Recent bio science and medicine has obscured both the boundary of self and others in organ transplants and another boundary of life and death in life-prolong treatment. Furthermore, the technology of organ culture from Embryo-stem cell and IPS cell might enable human being to overcome aging and ailing. On the other hand, people who are concerned with the QOL, well-being, and independent life seek death with dignity or natural death. Those rights of death with dignity have been legalized in some countries and states in the USA. Historically religious culture provided meaning of life and death, e.g. suffering of living, aging, ailing, and dying and noble eightfold path in Buddhism. Yet, did modern religions respond to medicalization of life and death and consider human dignity and integrity? How does a religion limit to expand our desire to infinite life and calm down our anxiety on death in the end of life? This session will welcome the case studies in various religions and clinical studies in various countries, by which we could conduct comparative study on the well-being and well-dying of people and at the same time consider the current role of religions in public sphere, especially in medical care and welfare.



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